Duval’s family has been in the fruit business since 1964 beginning  in the fresh fruit as growers, processors and  exporters, and in 1990 we started  replacing orchards into Walnuts.


In 1998, in order to market our increasing walnut production, we created Topfrut Nuts Ltda., a company that process an exports all the fruit produced in owr own farms.


Located in the heart of Chile's Walnut growing area, Topfrut Nuts is expanding its operations to be a relevant player in the Chilean walnut industry.


Our production comes from our own professionally managed fields.


Our team is highly qualified and hard working, with the aim to achieve the highest quality and safety standards in our products.


Topfrut Nuts continues to expand our exports to major markets of the world, consolidating with great quality products.


We have over 140 hectares of walnuts located in three farms in the central area of Chile.


Our plantations are between 1 to 10 years old, so every year our production is increasing.


To date, we grow three varieties of walnuts: Chandler, Serr and Sunland.


Our harvest is 100% mechanized, making our operation one of the most advanced in the industry.


Our soils are all flat leveled giving efficiency to the harvest and quality to the products.


Our facilities are located in Malloco, at 30 minutes away from Santiago, capital of Chile.


We process all our varieties in order to offer inshell and shelled walnuts to our clients.


Our products are monitored from our own orchards, keeping full control over all processes to ensure quality in each step and guarantee the quality and innocuousness of our products.




Contact Us

e-mail:  jduval@topfrut.cl  / phone: [56-2] 2 719 5952

address:  Santa Raquel Farm, Malloco - Chile  /  P.O.Box: Casilla 17, Correo Malloco-Chile

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Agrícola Las Riendas Ltda.

Santa Raquel Farm

Malloco, Peñaflor


Agrícola Las Torcazas Ltda.

San Isidro Farm

Huelquén, Paine


Office and Facilities

Malloco, Peñaflor



Agrícola Pilay Ltda.

Pilay Farm, Peuco,

San Francisco de Mostazal